Questions for Sellers

Q: Does the valuation in the Single Survey effectively fix the price of my home?

A: There is likely to be an assumption on the part of most buyers that their offer for your home should be close to the valuation in the survey. However, some buyers may be willing to offer over that valuation and then ask for an updated valuation. Their offer would then depend on a surveyor agreeing with the value they place on your home.

Q: Can I ask the surveyor to revise the valuation if I think it underestimates the value of my home?

A: No, once the survey is complete, the surveyor can only make factual changes such as house number or postcode. The surveyor is not free to change the valuation. Your GSPC solicitor will provide the surveyor with all the evidence possible to justify the estimate of the likely selling price before the surveyor sees your home. 

Q: Can I instruct more than one survey?

A: Yes, if you are not happy with your first survey, you can instruct as many subsequent surveys as you like. Bear in mind, however, that there will be a cost involved.

Q: Can I instruct another survey once I have completed any repairs mentioned in an earlier survey?

A: Yes, you should be able to ask the surveyor who conducted your Single Survey to update it in the light of any repairs you have carried out. There may be a cost, however, for a second visit to your home to verify the repairs have been completed.

Q: How much will a Home Report cost and who pays?

A: The cost of a Home Report will depend on the Single Survey. Generally, the cost of a survey is related to the property value, so the cost of a Home Report will vary according to the value of your home.  It is expected that, as the seller, you will pay for the Home Report.

Q: Can my neighbour see the Home Report for my property?

A: Not necessarily. You are entitled to withhold a copy of the Home Report from people we do not think are genuine buyers. Your neighbour and other surveyors might be typical examples.  These, however, will be the exception and you should assume that most people who ask to see the Home Report for your home will receive a copy.

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